My Story

Who I Am

So this is where I tell my story….here goes. I LOVE LIFE and love to laugh and make others laugh. Not just a regular laugh, but full-on laugh out loud and snort-laughing! I enjoy all things creative~ art, design, decorating, drawing, painting and entertaining for family and friends. My goal in life is to be positive and share that energy with the people around me. I hope you feel that energy as you travel through my website and view my handmade jewelry. Got another minute? I’d love to tell you about how I got here to Dajana Design ….so let’s turn back the clock.

The Way Way Back

While growing up, I was surrounded by a loving and caring family. Mom and dad did everything they could for my two brothers, my sister and me. Mom migrated from Poland and my pop migrated from Montenegro. My folks didn’t have a lot of money at the beginning but they worked very hard, and they were frugal and creative. Mom used to knit all our hats, gloves and scarves. Pops used his vacation hours to paint houses and make extra money for the family. Being around all that love and creativity helped mold me and my love for creating and designing. Mom, my grandmother ( Babcia ) and I would try to sell our crafty wares at church fairs. Mom made wreaths, Babcia knitted and crocheted, and I made earrings though I couldn’t tell you if we actually sold anything ….

The Not So Way Back

I am proud to say I’m a UCONN Husky graduate. My degree is Design Resource Management. Upon graduating, I jumped right into working for many retailers to gain experience. I built my corporate career with Williams-Sonoma Inc. where I became a Visual Director for Pottery Barn Kids and helped launch the retail division. Additionally I was Vice President of Visual Display and Merchandising for Pottery Barn. This was a really rewarding time in my career because I worked with so many wonderful people and was lucky enough to have a talented staff and oversee retail signage, graphics, window displays, merchandising and even art direction for several large branding projects. Good times.

The Now

Sometimes when one door closes … another one opens. In this case a bluebird flew in through my doorway. The bluebird you see in my logo is a symbol of my love for my dad. Pops went to heaven in late November 2015. It was then that I decided to keep my promise and to get the courage to start my own business and do what I love and create. So that’s the story of Dajana Design and how I decided to just be happy and create pretty lil’ shiny things.

Thank you for stopping by & enjoy your visit!


I dedicate this adventure to my mom and my dad ~ words cannot express my love and gratitude to them.

I dedicate this adventure to my mom and my dad ~ words cannot express my love and gratitude to them.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.”