About My Designs

At Dajana Design you will find a lovely array of handmade earrings, bracelets and necklaces created in my home state of Connecticut. Take a peruse through all the collections, there is something for everyone, whether it is for yourself or someone else who loves bling. Dajana Design is a small business but I prefer to call it a petite business…. sounds cuter. I am a one woman crew~ my dog is always here with me but she just hasn’t picked up on the whole jewelry making thing.

Essentially I stock 1-3 pieces of each of my handmade designs. Should you need a large quantity order, please send me an email so I can make as many as you need upfront to fill your order in a timely manner. You should also know that some of my jewelry I classify as “limited edition”. Check out the FAQ page where I explain that in detail as well as other key topics. I offer “made to order” jewelry as well~ this is a great way for me to share more designs with you and then I can handcraft it upon receiving your order.

Saving the best for last ….I’m so elated to offer Custom Jewelry Designs for special events such as weddings, bridal parties, anniversaries or maybe something unique made just for your personal style because you deserve it and there is only one you! I have the luxury of being able to source extensive styles of beads, stones and jewelry components within the USA and overseas. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you so much for visiting & have fun!

“It’s a Great Day to have a Great Day!”